The Enpowered Church is a mighty company of 'enpowered' torchbearers who are passionate about seeing the ways, voice and kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ made evident in the marketplace and society.

Our word, 'enpowered' means "ability in action", "power in motion" and "potential in fulfilment."

We function as a prophetic marketplace church and training centre with a mandate to raise up 'enpowered' torchbearers for the marketplace and society.

At The Enpowered Church, we whole heartedly believe in the saying, "the meeting place is the training place for the marketplace."


Why Marketplace?

The marketplace is where business, education and government converge. It is the heart of the city and is to the city what the heart is to the body: the circulation of life.

Society has no future without the marketplace.

The future is indeed bright for a city or nation where all three strands (of this tri-strand cord of business, education and government) effectively and vibrantly interact with each other. Scripture shows us that it is the Creator's will that His wisdom, grace and provision flows freely through this tri-strand cord for the edification of society.


Our Mission Elements

Evidencing Christ, the Power of God and Christ, the Wisdom of God

'Empower' the Powerless. Leaders need to walk in true spiritual ability and authority, effectively. Our world needs a Leadership Revival.

'Envision the Visionless. Every person in this and future generations needs to be endowed with a clear heavenly vision. Our generation needs a Youth Revival.

'Enrich' the Impoverished. An impoverished and disenfranchised church needs to discover and appropriate the spiritual and material resources made available in the redemption. The church needs an Economic Revival.

Our Genesis

The Enpowered Church was planted out of a prophetic commission and with an apostolic mandate.

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    Our Leaders

    Ryan and Debra Jacobs are the Founders and Leaders of The Enpowered Church.

    They are passionate about Jesus, the revelation of His Person, the manifestation of His Presence, the demonstration of His Power and the Perfection of His Church.

    Their mission in life is to change the way generations see and know Jesus.

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    Ryan is a life strategist, prophetic voice, business consultant and author. He has been mentoring marketplace people in their vocations and careers for decades. Ryan has served at various national and multinational companies for +20 years. He is also known for walking in the demonstration of the power and realms of God. Ryan is the author of Predestined From Your Mother's Womb, The Nature of Business, The Year of Your Life and Career Surge. He, together with his wife, Debra, also co-authors the cutting-edge daily devotional, Enpowered Daily.

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    Debra is an author, mother, leader and industrious creative, with a strong prophetic gift. Her vision is to raise up unique Jesus-focused women, who live with spiritual vision, purpose and dignity. Debra is the writer of the daily instant-blog, Arise Debra and the life changing personal growth guide book for women, The Power-Filled Woman. She also co-authors the cutting-edge daily devotional, Enpowered Daily.


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